Covid-19 impacts and loyalty card changes

Lilac Room has a Covid-19-secure workplace policy

This includes enhanced cleaning between clients, completion of a risk assessment before you visit and additional measures that I will discuss with you when you make a booking.  At present I am only able to offer Reflexology.

Loyalty card changes

Lilac Room has been closed for 18 weeks due to the pandemic. Reopening has involved some additional expense and the enhanced cleaning measures are adding 30 minutes to every client appointment and a reduction in the number of treatments I can do.

Some local businesses have increased their prices to cover the extra costs of opening into a Covid 19 environment. I will be leaving the cost of all 1 hour treatments at £40 but will temporarily suspend issuing any new loyalty cards. If you currently have a loyalty card its expiry date has been extended until March 31st 2021.  If you wish to know how many stamps you have on your card please contact me.

Any gift vouchers you may have purchased in 2020 will also be valid until March 31st 2021. Gift voucher treatments do not count towards stamps on your loyalty card.

The suspension of my 24 hours notice cancellation policy remains in place to help keep us all safe and well. If you feel unwell or have any suspicion of having Covid19 when I contact you the day before to complete the risk assessment or on the day of your treatment please do not visit. This has happened twice in the last week and it is 100 percent the right thing to do and incurs no loss of your treatment fee.

Opening and availability

I am currently offering Reflexology only appointments Tues/Weds and Fri/Sat. I’ll be closed Thursdays for enhanced cleaning as well as on Sundays and Mondays as before.